Never Ever

Never Ever pork
and natural Angus beef

The Open Prairie® brand team is dedicated to providing you and your family with wholesome, uncomplicated natural* pork and Angus beef.

Check MarkNo antibiotics – ever

Check MarkNo added hormones or growth promotants

Check Mark100% vegetarian diet; no animal byproducts, except for milk

The Open Prairie Openness Promise

— from prairie to plate

The Openness Promise is our pledge to be transparent and our commitment to wholesome, uncomplicated meat from animals raised responsibly and humanely. To uphold these high standards of openness, we promise to:

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Consistently deliver delicious, Never Ever products you can feel good about


Share our natural production processes from prairie to plate

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Implement animal well-being standards that are good for the animal and the product


Maintain a high standard of doing business you can trust

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Our Story

Tyson Fresh Meats has always been committed to animal well-being. But we saw a possibility to go even further – providing more wholesome, less complicated beef and pork. So we created the Open Prairie brand – with meat from animals raised without antibiotics or added hormones.

With a dedicated team and a clear mission in mind, we now have a sustainable supply of animals meeting Never Ever standards. We partnered with independent farmers and ranchers willing to take on the detailed record-keeping needed to uphold our commitment to transparency and follow our strict animal well-being guidelines.

Openness, transparency, animal well-being – these aren’t just buzzwords. They are the ideals the Open Prairie brand was built on. Hear more, directly from our team members in the videos below.

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